Fun Food!

Transportation is the theme this week!

Pepper boats are a lunch staple around here.  I usually fill the pepper quarters with tuna or egg salad.  Today I passed out some cheese and toothpicks so that everyone could put a sail on their boat.  If you’re a purist you could substitute almost anything solid enough to cut into a triangle – cucumbers, zucchini, apple, jerky.  Use carrot slices to make “heads” and put people in the boat!

The girls wanted me to make banana airplanes with a recipe that used peanut butter and graham crackers, so we came up with a clean version.  I used almond butter to glue the two halves of the banana together and thin apple slices for the wings and tail.  Raisins, if pushed in gently, provide windows.  My seven-year-old was quick to point out that chocolate chips would have looked better….


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