Happy Holidays!

Around here, we are awaiting the holidays with bated breath.  Perhaps I should only speak for myself… I’m enamoured with Christmas spirit in general, and disproportionately excited about a few days off with my family.

The adults amoung us could use some legitimate rest.  On Wednesday, as soon as little muffin and peanut are out the door, I am high-tailing it out of town to spend Christmas at my parents’ farm with the kids.  They can run free with the cousins and I can hunker down to visit with Mom, Pa, Nan and Sis.  Little Bro will be there, too.  Dad will join us when he is released from the clutches of work… likely Friday afternoon.  A sleigh ride is sure to be on the agenda, as is tobogganing and a family game night. 

The children amoung us are bouncing (bouncing!) off the walls.  Tonight involved a game of Christmas charades before bed.  My seven year-old’s silent mime of EVERY christmas activity was hyperactive madness with a few tell-tale gestures thrown in.  (I am now particularly looking forward to Christmas dinner, where apparently we will be doing the gymnastic dance of joy between bites.)

Though the bags under my eyes are pulling me toward insta-dinners, a big pile of movies and lots of couch time for our days off at home, we are going to try to maintain some balance through the next two weeks off school.

I’ve resolved to go for a walk with the kids every day, no matter how cold.

Dayhome is running for three days this week and next, so I’ve some healthier Christmas activities planned.  We will do lots of acting and singing because anything Christmas-y buys all the enthusiasm I need to kill an hour or two.

We will be building gingerbread men with almond flour cookies and dried fruit pieces instead of candy.  I will post the results.  The jury is still out on what to use for a binding material – cream cheese?  almond butter? Anyone have any sticky low-sugar ideas?

If I am looking for more ways to occupy my older charges, we may build our gingerbread houses out of brown and white Lego and do all our ornamental decorations with the little lights and buttons 🙂

I’m packing snacks to fill in the dietary gaps over the three days we’ll be away.  The last month has been a bit brutal and I am not feeling resilient enough to recuperate from much.  Oh, there will be some irresistible delectables… but I’ll be pretty judicious.

To be honest, I find turkey dinners and farm feasts are a pretty easy sell.  Meat and veggies are usually the standard fare.  I can easily choose a full and fabulous plate.  Hopefully I will also be choosing some serious pillow time and step into 2011 with a bit more bounce. 

Happy Holidays!


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