Balancing Act

I am so optimistic.

It burns me every time.

Fall is the season of enthusiasm when I embrace new adventures and schedule my crazy life for the year.  January is when, overtired and stressed, I try to bring in some balance.

We are eating well, but I’m not getting enough sleep, I’m not connecting with my husband in child-free moments, I’m not getting intense exercise and my house still is not that clean.  Many things are going well, dayhome being one of them, but I need to think about efficiency and priorities.

Christmas was an excellent time of recovery and rest.  I slept 10 to 12 hours a night for a week.

This month we are adding two nights of karate for the girls and I begin musical theatre rehearsals twice a week.

You see, I can do it, but sometimes the details fit together with such complexity and are moving at such speed that any little glitch sends cogs ricocheting through the system, destruction and injury in their wake.

A kid gets sick, I need to pull off a birthday party, work schedules change, we indulge in a night out (or in) during the week… and it is usually my exercise and sleep that pay the price.  That means I am less able to work well during the day, I’m craving (and indulging in) sugar in the afternoons, my quality of sleep suffers in subsequent nights… a couple of weeks later I’m in a cortisol fog and it takes supreme effort to pull me out.

So, here are my strategies for a New Year’s tempering:  get a weekly, specific plan for meals;  get part-time housekeeping help;  get religious about date night;  get some good books to read…

…get more forgiving and gentle with myself when I don’t get it all in.


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