In the last month I have been so thoroughly embracing spring and the outdoors that I haven’t had time to sit down and gush about it.

In April we started a wall because it was hard to see that spring was on its way.  I needed a concrete and inspiring reminder when the slushy snow was falling in gobs from the grey sky.

But now…IT IS HERE!

The SUN – the real, bright, hot, shining SUN put a pink glow on my shoulders last Friday.  The snow and snow mould are gone.  I’ve been digging in the dirt.  My bulbs – these are my bulbs this morning!  BLOOMING!

We did sit-ups and push-ups and ran on the dry, GREENISH GRASS for the last two Fridays when my Mom friends came over for a workout.  I wore a tank top and SHORTS.

My kids are riding BIKES up and down the sidewalk like little hooligans.  The five year-old lost her training wheels and it took her top speed down a notch for only a day.

She can’t stop giggling and whooping when she rides.

The garden is composted, weeded, edged and ready for seeds next weekend.  The composters themselves are working away on the winter fodder like a couple of reliable workhorses.  They have already reduced the volume by half.

The trees began to display a mist of budding green LEAVES on Tuesday.

I wore my Vibrams all week and I was still able to FEEL MY TOES!  JOY!  That hasn’t happened since I put them away for fear of frostbite in October.

When we go to meet the school bus in the afternoon we are down to 10 MINUTES TO GET OUT THE DOOR!  Do you know what it takes me in the winter?  40 MINUTES from “let’s get ready to go” to the click of the door.  If everyone cooperates.

My seedlings are sitting on the deck during the day and coming in at night.  They look AMAZING and will certainly need to be transplanted before they can go in the ground…probably a month from now I’ll be putting in squash, pumpkins, corn, broccoli and cauliflower.

You will have to forgive my over-exuberance. Spring does, actually, arrive at this time every year. But for those of us who bear long and cold winters full of dark and snow, spring inspires a festive anticipation much like the lead-up to Christmas…

But it is better than Christmas.

It motivates outdoor activity instead of selfish commercialism.  The post-climax is July instead of January.  The kids will be free from school for two months instead of two weeks.

Spring rocks.


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