Cheat Day?!

In our house, it is certainly the Den Mother who carries the Primal Torch.  You know, the flame of all things inspirational for our family’s healthier life?  The raison d’être.

Apparently, I am the only one interested in the Primal Torch at all.  After today, I expect the occasional resentful eye roll in my direction as I try to balance said torch above my head.  But I’m betting nobody is going to catch it if it falls.

For the first time in a year, after months of nose-wiping and late nights with coughing kids, I have a head cold.  Head pounding and eyes watering, I smiled weakly and made a list when Den Dad offered to get groceries for the coming week.  He even took all three girls with him.  My hero!

So, I face the work week with everything essential in my fridge.  But there were a few things that came home from the grocery store this morning that were not on the list…

30 popsicles

a 12″ Tiramisu

2 kg of rolled oats

2 dozen hot dog buns

6 giant cheese buns

a gallon jug of orange juice

1 litre rainbow ice cream

24 cans of pop

12 low-fat gluten-laced smokies

1.5 kg of potato salad

And three little girls who were OVER THE MOON about what they were going to eat today.  Because DAD had taken them shopping.

They helped to unload the van, lined up the gluten-sugar-craziness and pondered what they should stuff first… cheese buns followed by cake or preceded by it?  Porridge as an appetizer or a second course?  Would the sugar and cream on the porridge go better with a popsicle or a can of pop?

I am trying not to sound totally ungrateful… but SERIOUSLY?  Do you KNOW what we eat?

Clearly, the man has some unaddressed cravings.  Perhaps some educational gaps… (it has been almost two years – maybe a hearing problem?)  Oh, what could it be?

At least most of it will be out of the house by the end of the day.  I’ll be back in the torch relay tomorrow.

Right now I am taking another sinus tablet and going back to bed.


4 responses

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My husband came home from Costco yesterday with a CASE of individually plastic-wrapped jumbo freezies. Evidently he’s been sleeping since August – when we stopped buying single-serve food. Or at least since October – when we started severely limited our plastic use. His answer? “Well, at least they’re not those little freezies.” Oh. My. God.

    • Sometimes I have to remember that most of the conversation goes on in my own head. I’m the one who reads up on things. When you don’t have that many minutes to spend in adult conversation, paleo diet is not always (okay, never) at the top of the list.

    • Would you like another giggle? Last night he was skulking into the house with oatmeal cookies for the girls. “When did you buy those?” I ask… He got them on Sunday, too, but had them STASHED IN THE GARAGE.

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