Cucumber Sandwiches

More easy to make and serve snacks for kids:  Cucumber Sandwiches

I used cucumber, cheese and ham because I had it, but think bacon-tomato-avocado, or egg slice-mayo-bacon, or pork-apple-cheese… What I like about these is that I can use any kind of roasted meat as filler.  Any slice-able leftovers from last night’s supper will work.  Cucumbers are excellent little platters for holding the good stuff.


2 responses

  1. Hey Becky, I was so hoping to talk to you about the Paleo diet this past weekend. Quick question – is popcorn allowed? How about snap peas?

    Got any good suggestions on how to cook chicken liver? My naturopath wants me to start eating liver ….

    And cavemen stopped at Timmy’s while they were hunting and gathering, right??

    • Hey! We missed you! I would cook chicken liver fast and hot with lots of bacon and onion… that is how my dad always did it at home. There are also a few good suggestions for disguising liver taste at Mark’s Daily Apple. We do eat snap peas as part of our veggie regimen. I justify it because the shell is at least half or better of the veggie mass… but it can’t be all we eat. Green beans are okay for the same reason – the pod is much of the nutrition and the seed is not mature. Popcorn is a grain, so it (and quinoa, regular corn and rice) may mess with digestive issues, but I consider it a better choice than chips or other bagged snacks, so we do it once every couple weeks for a movie night. Going without sugar is still the toughest battle for me.

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