Who is the Primal Den Mother?

Some days I’m running enthusiastically after a primal lifestyle, tugging along three children of my own, three children belonging to clientele and a husband.  Other days I’m running after six children and a husband, tugging along my fitness goals and a primal menu.  Mostly, I would like to be writing and exploring the great outdoors, but the aforementioned “running after” highjacks these pursuits pretty regularly.  I garden, cook, worry and dream a great deal, but it is all about nurturing the munchkins at the end of the day.

In the fall of 2009 my good friend Amanda asked if I would let her walk me through an introduction to Crossfit and Paleo nutrition.  I agreed because it was September, I wanted to feel and look better, and I trusted her.  She looks incredible and the girl can perform.  Eight weeks later I was significantly stronger and faster.  I had lost inches everywhere.  I had more energy than I could remember ever having – especially since becoming a mom.  I haven’t looked back   I’m carrying the whole philosophy of Primal living into my Family Day Home and I’m sharing our adventures and ideas.


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