Primal Preschool

Fun ideas for crafts, healthy snacks and lunches.  Welcome to…

When embracing the primal diet and lifestyle, one has to admit that cooking real food certainly requires a bit more creativity and time in the kitchen.  When I proposed running my dayhome to align with my primal philosophy, the naysayers were all singing the same tune:  impossible.  You cannot, they said, expect to have six kids in your care and cook everything from scratch.  I’m feeling highly motivated by that challenge.

When you do a little prep ahead of time almost anything is on the table in five to ten minutes.  Kids under five don’t eat big meals, but they need some tasty options.  Simple is good – for me and them.  The snack and lunch ideas I share here are totally kid approved.  Let me know if you give them a try!

Lunch                                                    Snacks

Pepper Boats .                                         Banana Airplanes

Hamburger Soup and Taco Soup


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